International boredom

Well I have been away on a nice family holiday, back to the office now and notice all this international rubbish!

I won’t be trading these, but from next week things should hot up a bit, about time!


International boredom — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Dave, I didn’t say there were no trades to be had, just that I wasn’t having any. Trading is not black and white, each to their own is the only way it has ever and will ever work. If we all traded the same games, the markets wouldn’t exist. Great for you if you find profits when I don’t, likewise I no doubt find profits when you don’t, thats the nature of trading as you will know yourself. When I see so much international stuff and I know next week will be better (and I am busy with family stuff too) I decided to leave it for a better time both for me and for trading generally. If you found profitable trades that’s great 🙂
    I also notice that you trade picks that I don’t trade sometimes, in which case we probably have different criteria. That’s fine, buy yours is yours and mine is mine, so there will be many days when you have a trade and I don’t and vice versa. Without that principle, there would be no such thing as better or worse traders, we would all just be robots and as all traders know, robots can’t trade, discretion is everything 🙂

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