Tuesday 6 September

Bayern v Wacker – Well I have been mulling over this game for a while now. On one hand it looks excellent, especially at the very cheap price of low 4s. On the other hand, the away team certainly scores a lot of goals away from home, which can be a pain for a LTD trade. After swinging back and forth I have decided I think there is enough value to trade it. However, given the scoring times of the away team (late, post 60 minutes), I will be out of any trade around 55 minutes latest, no matter what. There is an argument to trade the first 30 minutes only, if Bayern don’t lead by then, it might be worth taking a cheap red and getting out, but I have done this before and regretted it, unless watching the game which I am not sure will be possible yet. So my decision at least for now is to trade this as per normal, exiting at 55 minutes regardless of the scoreline.

Bath City v Oxford – The stats look lovely for this game. Home team scoring strongly, away team scoring naff all and conceding nicely. League positions tally up nicely too. A definite trade based on the stats, but the liquidity is very low at the moment. I will need to see this come up quite a bit before 1945hrs before knowing it’s safe to trade, I hate it when I get in, the goals come, but I can’t exit due to lack of money in the ladders, and then I end up being forced to take a rubbish amount of green just to close out my trade. This has a huge impact on the risk reward, as you don’t need volume to lose your stake, only to take your green out! One to watch this, if the money comes in I will be on it like a shot.

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