Sunday 11 September

Ha, I had a sneaky feeling Barcelona would lose. I had a cheeky £2 bet at 70-1 for “Any Other Away Win” which was one of those silly hunch things. I thought there would be a lot more goals but fancied Barca might lose that game. Only half right unfortunately so I lose the painful sum of two squid, but interesting to note that Barca were indeed beaten at home, I bet an awful lot of gamblers lost a lot of money yesterday, many people just back Barcelona no matter how small the price which is both stupid and dangerous as proven yesterday. To think they were priced around 1.1 if i remember right, what a joke!


Norrkoping (Sweden) – I like the look of this game a lot, as a LTD trade, and the price is probably fair but I am not entering until 15 minutes in hopefully at about 4.9 or 5 max.

Ajax – Nowhere near a LTD on those stats, an away win or draw is easily possible here, making the crazy odds a value bet. Not for me simply because I won’t be at my desk today, but if I was I would be watching that game with interest and would probably back the draw for 20-30 minutes, hoping for a goal from the away team or no goals for some green.

Valencia – nowhere near enough stats but they look like winning, although I wouldnt be interested unless they went 1-0 or 2-0 down, for a value bet to back them at decent odds. As the odds are, I couldn’t be less interested.

Roma v Sampdoria – Same as above, Roma should win but it coiuld be a tight game until the last 15-20 minutes, so the only bet I would be interested in is a late value bet if Roma are looking like struggling and the odds reverse by about 70 minutes.



Sunday 11 September — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Tim , Looking at another LTD system ‘TGS’. The Gibraltar System’. 3 filters only . Home team 6+ goals in last 5 home games . Away team 4+ goals in last 5 away games . H2H last 6 games must not have a 0-0 scoreline . No mention of draw odds but I only use games under 4.0 with no particular odds on favourite .Only paper traded yesterday with 12 games qualifying . Not a single 0-0 but 3 draws (2-2 , 1-1 , 1-1 ) which could be traded out of . Today has W. Bremen v Augsburg (2.30) and Nice v Marseille (7.45). May well leave Villa v Forest alone . Any news on that decent Horse Lay system ? Desperate for a good one . All the best .

    • Hi Andy, I can’t say I like the sound of that system personally but that’s a preference thing, there are many ways to skin a cat as you know.
      Horse lay system – I have something similar but it’s not a horse lay system as such, those tend to be more like professional gambler approaches, perfectly valid but not my thing really. I can’t remember the name of the one I have heard of, it had good results but it was a friend of mine who followed it not myself. Will see if I can find it in my files as I only had details of it on paper, and it was a few years ago now. all the best for now

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