Second update

Well that was a very odd day!

1-0 to Wolves and I tried trading out once it got back into the high threes. Market permanently suspended which usually means Betfair have lost their feed to the game. I contacted them and they confirmed this. While talking it went to 2-0, and thankfully I fired up my Gruss trading software and the Betfair API (data connection) seemed much more stable than the web browser, so I got out for a decent green.

Which reminds me…… every trader should have a BetDaq account and a few bookies accounts for these rare but dangerous situations where you can’t trade out. Betfair are notoriously awful to deal with, unhelpful, and don’t give a damn how much money you lose even if it’s a problem in their computers/networks (it’s all in the small print of course) so you need protection not just from internet problems but also from trading platform problems.


Second update — 4 Comments

  1. Ah, I wondered what had happened. Was stupidly relying on the app on my phone as I needed to pop out and it didn’t even register the lay. Thanks for the explanation….I’ll be more sensible in future!

  2. Yes it’s rare but when it happens it can be very costly. I remember many years ago having a full bank stake scalp (pre KO 1 tick trade) which I suddenly couldn’t exit. The game went in play while i was on phone to Betunfair 😉
    After a load of messing around I finally found out they lost their “link” to the game, which the guy told me was a man at the game in the crowd, using his phone to make the updates for market suspensions. I was amazed at how primitive it was, and this is why I am still hesitant about games in Greece and many smaller countries although I would think, or at least hope, that they have slightly more advanced methods in place now! The man at the game was hit by a firework apparently, it was extremely scary, I had thousands of pounds sitting at risk and I was powerless to do anything to save it! The Gods were shining on me that day, as the fireworks turned into crowd trouble which turned into game abandoned, and all bets were voided. PHEW! So yes, I hope everyone learns now rather than when in that kind of situation!!

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