Well a nice win eventually, Sandhausen were clearly slamming everything into defence to try to scratch out a 0-0 draw but when the favourite finally scored it was gloves off time. I laid under 2.5 goals @ 1.1 about 10 minutes before the first goal. That was a partial hedge, well more a trade in its own right but one which complimented and protected my LTD trade at least partially. So I left the lay on unders and traded out of the LTD trade at 1-0, then 2-0 came and I then removed my liability on the lay unders trade. At 90 mins the odds on under2.5 dropped to 1.01, and I was sure another goal was coming so I laid under 2.5 again at 1.01 for £100, goal. I started to smile then realised my bet wasn’t matched, DOH! That could have been a nice £100 extra but it wasn’t to be, maybe I was being a bit greedy! Oh well.

Newcastle is a nicer price now so I have laid the draw at 4.3 which I think is a nice price for this game.


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