Thanks to James Goteborg was an easy winner although smaller profit than usual due to limited odds movement which seems quite common in Swedish games.

Telephone calls are a pain in the ar5e! I waited on the Norrkoping game, it went 2-0 and I was just entering my order to lay the winning team at 1.13 as an exit to my LTD trade. This exit leaves a lot more green if the other team comes back which I was obviously expecting. Just as I hit submit, the dreaded “SUSPENDED” message came up and I was a few seconds too damn late! That could have been a very nice exit as it would have allowed a second green up after that goal, or a very very nice profit if I left it to a bet for the away team not to win the game which I occasionally do on games where that outcome is likely. I have run out of cats to kick, so need to find the kids….


But of course there is no room for emotion in trading is there? 😀

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