Well I know stats are the only reliable thing to go on in football, but having just watched a good half an hour of that game, I can honestly say I can’t remember ever seeing a more boring and pathetic game of football in my life! They can’t pass the ball to their own players, and the few shots I saw were worse than my wife could take! Utterly useless! So that was a small loss but one which taught me to probably avoid Finnish games in the future, if that’s anything to go by! Nice drop in odds on the 0-0 though, why on earth that was priced at ten I have no idea!
Oh and I just heard the ping for a goal, ha, nice timing Finland, cheers but I am out now 😀



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    • Ha ha, thanks Daniele, the only bit that wasn’t perfect was my lower threshold of selectivity yesterday, reading my own post I can see I was trying to talk myself out of taking this one on from KO, so I should have listened to myself a bit better shouldn’t I! Yes those stats did suggest a reasonable chance of goals but equally reasonable chance of 0-0 until 75 minutes, and on another day I would have left it alone maybe taking a position around 70 minutes which in hindsight would have been rosy, but hindsight always is isn’t it!
      I did learn something though, I have never watched these Finnish games before, and I am quite shocked at how incredibly awful the standard of football was. Of course that doesn’t matter really since the opposite team are equally useless, but I have learned over the years that two rubbish teams are much more likely to struggle to score than two good teams (Man City v Man U for example). Both can be cagey, but at least the good teams have strikers who can fire in a shot. I lost count of the free kicks and shots missing goal by about 30 feet, I will stick to my gut instinct next time and leave the borderline ones alone. I usually do this, I loosen up a bit, get reminded why I shouldn’t, and then tighten up again. No big deal, the hedge on 0-0 was a good call in this case, but not my ideal approach so will sit on my hands next time!

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