For any newbies here, it might be worth looking into the bookie offers on the England game. PaddyPower offering 3/1 odds on England, £10 max bet, for new customers only. Coral offering 33/1 but £1 bet only, and pay out in betting “tokens” but those could be used for more free bets in future. For those not familiar with this bookie bashing stuff, it’s the process of backing at bookies, and laying at betfair (at similar or lower price) to get “free money” out. You then transfer that free bonus money from the bookie to your BF trading account by doing the same again on another event after you bank the bonus or winnings of the introductory offer.

250x325_1It’s a great way to build a free trading bank but it does take some work doing it yourself, hence why I promote the brilliant service offered by the people at Bonus Bagging – they do all the hard work and you just follow the email updates from them to cash in, there really are thousands of pounds out there up for grabs by bookies trying to get your business! I have known many traders over the years who funded their entire trading career off the back of these free bonuses and sign up promotions. So if you are new to this stuff, and short of cash to learn to trade with, I can’t recommend this approach highly enough.

I am still laid up here so not sure if I will be updating tomorrow, I seem to have a day where I feel half human and then a day where I can hardly move. I am on a strong course of antibiotics now so hopefully a few days should see me back up to speed here.
All the best for now

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