Saturday 8 October

Well I dragged myself to the desk to check the coupon for trades even though I won’t be doing any myself. As it turns out there is not one single game which would interest me for a LTD. I probably shouldn’t say it, but I noticed England can be laid at 1.02/1.03 against Malta. Do I expect them to win? Yes. Do I expect them to win strongly? Yes. Do I think there is a 98% chance they will win. Yes. Do I think there is a 98% chance they will score very early…. hmmm. I don’t know why, but prices like that always tempt me. One penalty and a shock 0-1 scoreline could be very handsome, but of course extremely unlikely! I might chuck a couple of quid away just so I don’t kick myself if it happens, but it’s silliness, and definitely not a trading position!

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