Well I am a bit disappointed with one of those being a losing trade. America MG did the business with a nice 3-0 win, but Palmeiras couldn’t score. Maybe that’s why it was so cheap! At least that means it was a cheap loser rather than a more painful one which it could have been, as I would have taken that trade at a fair bit higher odds, the stats looked plenty good enough. We have to accept occasionally football games don’t contain goals, sometime they just have no consideration for us traders!

I didn’t bother to check the team sheets on that game as I said I would, which was nothing but laziness really (I was busy!). Oh well, a good winner and a loser, the day could be worse. What’s actually annoying is that I discounted the third of the three Brazil games today, which was a borderline trade on the stats. That would have been a nice winner too, so maybe I shouldn’t be quite so hard on these Brazilian games!

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