Well it’s half time and 0-0. Borussia Dortmund have not failed to score yet this season, and are undefeated at home. The only slight hitch is the fact these two teams are right next to each other in the league, so in theory at least, they could both be happy with a point each for a draw. Ideally I would have wanted to see some of the game to know more, but even as it is, the goal stats are pretty heavy on both sides, with Dortmund regularly scoring 2 or 3 goals per game. The away team have a very tight defence at home, but away they apparently concede 2 goals per game. That could be good, but it could be bad, as it could mean they are spending this whole game focussed on preventing goals rather than scoring them. Again, watching some of the game is useful here but I haven’t had a chance as I have been out, so I am taking this as a half price trade just based on the stats, and a slight hope that however hard the away team try to keep it tight at the back, Dortmund should break through eventually, hopefully before 65-70 minutes when I will exit if not.

It’s a borderline one this, there are reasons to leave it alone and reasons to pile in, so almost on the toss of a coin, I will do the latter here 🙂

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