Horse Racing Tipping / Tipster Service

Further to my post back on 13th October, the tipping service which a few readers have asked about has just been launched. I am told this should be good, but I can’t guarantee it as I don’t know a lot more than any of you yet. I am certainly going to have a look myself though, most of these are junk but occasionally a good one comes along and the history behind the guy running this one appears to be one of the rare good ones, but again I can’t be sure myself so please don’t take this as a recommendation at least until I have seen the results. I am just posting due to being asked by quite a few people recently.

There is an introductory offer which certainly makes it more attractive/affordable to try it out. I am not sure how limited the numbers will be, most of these have limits to member numbers for obviously reasons (getting good odds). For those interested in this kind of thing, you can read more about the service and whats on offer here.

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