Saturday 12 November

Eastleigh v York – Seems like a good enough pick for the odds, strong home scoring stats and weak away side which concedes a lot of goals on average. Fingers crossed should be 2-0 by HT.

Spal v Brescie – Slight reasons to be cautious here, mostly the slightly erratic results of the away team who usually struggle away from home but occasionally do very well. all things considered, at 3.85-4.0 I think there is just about enough value for the risk here to trade it from KO.

Nothing else of interest footie-wise


Saturday 12 November — 2 Comments

  1. Great stuff Tim

    Read your book last weekend and been looking around for games, seen a few that I made a note of for results and have now tested the water a few times with some good results.

    Thank you for the advice both for trading and for the mental side to trading as well!

    Cheers Runar P

    • Thanks Runar. Yes the mental side of trading is actually (in my view) MORE important than anything else. You can have the most reliable system or edge in the world, but if you can’t keep your cool, manage the stakes properly, and generally have focus and business approach to everything, you can still struggle very easily. A good method plus a good approach, that’s the only way to succeed in any kind of trading. All the best for the future

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