Nothing obvious today

Santos looked reasonable but not at the price of 5. I would sometimes say worth a HT LTD but going by a KO price of 5 i think it might be a short window with too much potential loss, not sure now but if the odds come down to 4 quickly (within 15 minutes ideally) then i might have a 40-45 minute LTD


Nothing obvious today — 2 Comments

    • Yes agreed there, but I generally don’t touch games priced over 4.5 at KO, unless I feel as sure as I can be that there will be goals in the first 30 mins or so. There could well be goals of course, but the stats and scoring times suggest a reasonable likelihood of it taking a while to score the first goal and I don’t like to see red building up fast while I wait for a goal. it’s a close call this one

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