Friday 18th November

One trade today. Reims v Laval – Stats

Laval don’t concede a lot, which is probably why this is quite cheap, but I still think its worth a shot at 3.6, that seems rather cheap considering the league positions and unbeaten home form.


Friday 18th November — 5 Comments

    • Hi Joseph, I am often asked this question. The answer is no. It’s a slippery slope. You start by backing 0-0 to cover that outcome (which is the most sensible insurance if you have any), but usually that means you lose so much green on your LTD trade that it can make it unviable as a method. I don’t say it’s wrong, just a choice of mine not to do it. I know many people who do it. I just think the best approach to the markets is to take on a calculated risk, but a RISK all the same. No risk = no rewards, its just about finding the right time to take a risk and swallowing it when it goes wrong, that way you can swallow all the green when it goes right. There are good arguments for insurance, but if you get your selections and success rate right, there is no need in my opinion. But not saying it’s a bad idea, just not my style really.

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