Sunday 27 Nov

I am laying the draw in Schalke game at 3.05. It’s not too cheap considering how long has been played, but I think the probabilities of a goal in the next 20 minutes are high enough to make the trade worth the risk.

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Sunday 27 Nov — 16 Comments

    • Well it has a couple of negatives (away team fairly good defense, and Nice’s very late scoring tendency in some games) but I think those are already factored into what is a pretty cheap price to the LTD there, so I would have no argument against a trade from KO there. Given the lull in their scoring times around the middle of the game according to stats, I would probably enter at KO and watch the game if poss, with an eye on trading out if it does go very dull after 20 minutes or so

  1. Yes I looked at the defence stats for Bastia – but their away form is shockingly bad having lost their last 5 away games. Plus although Nice sometimes score late the gulf between the 2 sides is almost on a par with the Monaco game yesterday! And given the cheap price, that for me was the clincher – so I think I will also enter at kick off.

    • I actually typed a longer reply to you earlier and lost it, which basically said my ideal approach if I was being anal and managing it while watching the game would be to LTD from KO to 20-25 mins max, the stats show they often score quickly, but when they dont they can leave it late so I didn’t fancy it as a trade to hang on for the full stint. It’s gone perfectly so i am glad someone got on board, even if this dumba55 didn’t 😀

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