I could see that goal coming, but I was happy for either team to score as this has the feeling of one of those “any other score” type games! I traded out for small loss at 1-2, and may re-enter at 2-2, but it could go 1-3 which would offer a nice low lay on Oss possibly. Important not to get hung up on PSV winning as they may not, just have to follow the stats and protect the bank. Protecting the bank at the moment means getting out for a small loss and looking for a decent re-entry if one comes up, but not if it doesnt! .

Just goes to show why I say in the ebook, taking the green on the first goal is the wiser move for newbie traders as getting in a pickle now and feeling like you “missed” a trade is sometimes very very expensive!


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    • remember I diarise what I am doing, not because i advise anyone else to do anything I do, just so people know what I am doing! Having said that, I have had a lay on Oss at 1.1 and a £2 back bet on PSV @ 100 which will remain a bet and not be greened no matter what happens

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