I am backing the draw in this game now. Not a method I have had chance to explain yet, but basically :

Stats suggest Walsall score very few away from home. Home team is much stronger on stats. So 2-1 ways to win. If no more goals, the draw price should keep dropping until around 60-70 minutes = green. If Sheffield score as they should = green (unless it happens immediately in next five mins). Obviously the risk is walsall scoring again. but thats an acceptable risk and this method has a high strike rate, i rarely do it as i am usualy laying the draw in games like this, but its ideal for a situation like this when not in a LTD. A while since I have used it. Its basically a “time decay method” but a goal ideally in 15-20 minutes from Sheffield could add a nice bit more green to the time decay effect. More on this another time, just diarising what I am doing as i have been asked to do so by people


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