Wednesday 30 November

At desk late today. i am laying the draw at Zenit at 3.25 odds (30 mins in).

The only other game which looked interesting on goal stats was Sturm Graz, I liked the look of it a lot but the last 3 home games unfortunately make it too risk in case they are entering a bad patch of form. It’s a shame as I really fancy it, but I have to say no as I will kick myself if it’s a loser since there is a reason to reject it. if they go 2 goals down I will lay the away team, but other than that I think I will have to reluctantly leave that one alone.

Nothing else today as the coupon is full of cup games


Wednesday 30 November — 11 Comments

    • Not sure it was a nice call as a standard LTD but glad it earned you something! It wasn’t a great pick by any means, but at 3.2 it was a cheap trade and worth taking even though this one didn’t get a goal early enough, i would take ones like that every day at 3.2

  1. I did Atalanta Vs Pescara as The home team as been scoring and winning games 3-4 against 0-1, made some good green on that

    I did the CSKA Moscow game as well with some green on it

    Then I did the Nantes Vs Lyon as the away team had been doing really and got 94% green from that before HT

    • Be careful, a few good trades on cup games can lead to too many, as it did for me years ago, around the time I stopped trading them at all! Not saying they can’t be traded, just that the results varied too much and were too hard to predict that I decided to reject them all

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