Laying LIverpool.

I know this sounds a bit mad, they are on a great run of form and scoring goals for fun lately. I can easily see a 4-0 win to liverpool here. But…….

1.07 is basiclly saying 93% they will win. I think that implied probability is slightly too generous, so there is value here either way.

Pool are away from home, and i just heard a stat on the radio saying something like pool have never won a sunday league game away from home. Probably meaningless but sometimes these weird stats can have some real world meaning, not always.

Bournemouth are no slouches, they score most games and often 2 goals. Pool usually concede 1.5 goals away from home, and given its a Sunday (:D), they should concede one here.
The question is not whether Bournemouth will score as I believe this is almost guaranteed, the question is whether they score before pool get a third goal. If it does go 0-3, I may have another lay at 1.01/1.02 for same reasons.

Its a low liability position based mainly on the fact Bournemouth will likely score, and that score will mean a nice jump in the odds from such a low level.


Laying LIverpool. — 7 Comments

    • Damn I was just typing a post to say same deal on Lausanne v Grasshoppers in Switzerland, but goal came before I posted, and ordered my trade. Doh! Was 1.07, 1.35 after goal. That’s a 28 tick rise against a 7 tick poss drop. RvR baby, but have to be quick with these as i have shown, idiot!

  1. My loss will be just £1 so it won’t break the bank if it goes south but I stand to make far more if they score. I did’t see many standard LTD trades where I place my normal stakes

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