Spot the cretin

hahahaha. I only did small stakes but I can’t quite believe what I did wrong here. I read U4.5 as ‘more than 3’ instead of more than 4. WHAT A MUPPET!

I thought I had added a nice little extra chunk of green for the day when I saw it go 4-0….

screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-17-20-30I really can’t believe I did that! I had a friend turn up with some stuff for me, I was in and out making coffee and nattering, clicking a button then back out to look through the stuff he brought round, i glanced at this and thought there has to be one more goal in this game, but not realising i needed two. Lesson – ignore the gate during trading! Not the first time I have made a mistake due to visitors and home stuff, but definitely the first time I have made one so ridiculously stupid!!!!!! Oh well, a good day anyway, ending on a funny but embarrassing note!


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