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Willem 2 v Twente – Tricky what to do here. I feel this game will not end 0-0. the historic games between these teams are usually full of goals, with 5 often being score. twente should win, its just how to do it. Half of me likes the idea of laying U2.5 as its so low, the other half likes the idea of a LTD left to a full bet, as its now 1.6.

I am not confident enough of a goal now to LTD, 10 mins left and 1.5, its just not long enough. But i am laying U1.5 goals at 1.06 for not huge stakes, as its a 50.50 shot this, but a nice gr4een if it comes in and after the liverpool game just went 3-3, i am well in the money already so maybe this is one of those days to take plenty of speculative positions! Ooh I almost sounded superstitious then. haha

P.S. – and NO i am not laying the draw in liverpool game. that green is staying right where it is! I had this as a draw (if i had to guess) anyway, and pool could well come back, but so could bournemouth going by the way the game has gone, its anyones game, including a draw.Its easy to get tempted to keep taking green when things go as well as this, have to avoid “greed”, one of a trader’s biggest enemies.

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