I have been resisting Xamax for ages, and decided to finally close the window as the odds are just too high due to low volume.

But i have just seen benevento have gone 0-1 down. I have backed them for small stakes as a pure value bet, i probably wont hang around to trade out but might if i remember. at 4.3 I feel its a value bet all day long that

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  1. Have been following your messages for a while. Only recently got your book. Fantastic read.
    I broke my tradition tonight and LTD on the Middlesbrough game.
    Was tight re position in league but a big goal difference.although Middlesbrough had not scored many their latest results in league were tighter whilst hull were destroyed on 3/4 away defeats.
    What done it for me though was two main areas. Head to head Middlesbrough winning 5/7 of them at home and the key one was hull not scoring a single goal all season in first 30 mins of play (and 65% of the time they score it’s after 60 mins) Middlesbrough on other hand 76% of their goals were IN the 60 mins. Only a tiny stake as still in my first 3 months! But when looking for reasons to REJECT…. within 60 mins I just couldn’t see any !

    • Thanks for the kind comments and well done on that game. To be honest I didn’t look further than their league positions, but I sometimes do. I suppose I am not 100% consistent even myself, if I am busy with something else I will often have a much quicker look. The combination of the price of the draw (being low) and the league positions was enough in my hurried scan to reject it. As someone who has just read my book, I would expect you to do as you did and look much further, and it paid off! Great to hear and thanks for sharing, just goes to show other readers what I constantly harp on about…. I am not a TIPSTER! I just diarise what I choose to do, and I miss many good trades each day, there are so many we can’t grab em all, which is also why I am happy to share as it doesn’t hurt my own income to do so. You can bet I wouldn’t be sharing so much if there was only a trade or two a day, not the sort of thing to send to 800 readers a day. On the other hand, maybe I would do that, then post a tip, then trade the steam on the price 😀 😀 😀
      Well done again, keep it up and good luck for future trades

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