6 December

Rubbish coupon today. The only game which comes close to a LTD is Aberdeen, but the price of it is ridiculously high. 4.2 I might be interested, but 5.2 can take a running jump! I will see if any in play trading opportunities come up, but it looks like a quiet day as Tuesdays often are


6 December — 7 Comments

    • I don’t go into cup games or these international tournaments, very rarely anyway and there needs to be good stats which is rare. There are no decent stats here so I wouldn’t touch no matter how much I think PSV will murder Rostov 🙂

  1. The goal stats suggest no goals in first 15 mins or maybe a goal to Kilmarnock. What do you think of laying Aberdeen (1.40 at time of writing) then trading out after, say, 20 mins if still 0-0 and then laying draw as price should have shortened by then?

    • In some ways I like the thinking and have done a lot of stuff like that in the past. The main trouble for me is that, lets say you stake £100. You could probably expect 10-20 ticks profit if you get no goals and green up after 15-20 mins. If Kilmarnock score you are quids in of course. But if Aberdeen score (and their games are usually strong wins against Kilmarnock so they could come out firing) you could easily lose not far off your hundred quid. It just feels a bit too risky for my style of trading, but I would have done this in the past and I still think it’s a valid approach if you do it regularly and stake carefully. That price really is short, so it is begging me to do something with it, but not sure I have the guts really 😀

      • Although Aberdeen have beaten Kilmarnock in the last 5 meetings at home, FlashScores says the earliest goals scored by Aberdeen in those matches was on 17 minutes with half an hour or more being the case in 3 of those matches. Still 0-0 after 19 minutes now and back price up by 4 ticks. Also LTD now 4.9….

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