Pizza time

Well that was a losing day for me which was annoying, mainly because the losses which caused the overall losing day were games which went utterly and crazily against the stats. Have to take those on the chin just like I will with the cheese on my pizza 😀

maybe a few people will see why I have learned to be so wary of the UEFA type games and cup games etc. They really can throw up some odd results even when there are stats. The consistency just isn’t there like the league games. Some great greens but more reds overall. One of those days where I paid the imaginary tax man. I had a few too many trades too so exited a bit later than I should on a few, which is rare for me but with so many games to monitor I overstretched a tad. I laid the draw at Queen of the South and Berwick, mainly due to the open game and early goals, but I managed to find the patch when it all went quiet, cheers for that lady luck :D. Just kidding, losing days are as much a part of trading as any other day, and in fact more important in terms of learning and progress. Handle the reds, the greens will take care of themselves, as an old trader once told me and how true that is.

Cheers all


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  1. hi tim. just purchased your LTD ebook.a great read mate,very informative,cheers. have you got any more strategy books,either football,tennis or racing,or do you have any plans to bring any out soon.thanks.

    • Thanks Lee, yes i have plans for at least 5+ of my approaches to be written into eBook format. It keeps getting put off as my life is too busy at the mo with some mad family stuff going on etc, not to mention this silly season known as Xmas! Yes I definitely plan to get something out early next year. Football, racing and tennis mainly. all the best and thanks for the kind words

  2. Hi

    Just wondered … is there a point at start of season you begin….5 games in as example to build the form ?
    Onto the 4th read of LTD and wrote out key points.
    Read on site Re the value bet which I really like. There were a few tonight but avoided as not league.
    If you have any plans for other football strategies I would really be interested.
    I love your posts as I immediately look up the stats to dig into how your thought process works and am slowly adding them to mine!

    • Yes, I do use extreme caution early in the season, and some seasons vary in other countries so even more caution needed on some lesser known leagues.
      Yes Value Bets are (I think) the best, safest, easiest, and most speedy bank builders for new traders. Plus, learning to spot true value in the market is a key skill for anyone who plans to spend a fair amount of time in the markets, value can appear for a few seconds, a few minutes, or days/weeks in some cases (like my Trump value bet!)
      Glad you’re enjoying the stuff on the site, once i get my act together and produce some more explanations of other things I do in the new year I genuinely hope to make it easier for newbies to start making money trading. Obviously the success of anyone is down to their psychology and rarely the method used, but I an planning on writing something about the psychology of betfair trading too as it’s (in my view) THE most important thing to master for anyone wanting to become a professional full timer on the exchange. all the best for now and thanks again

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