just a silly one

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-16-21-14there is at least a chance of a home goal, a better chance than 0.1% anyway! one of those silly speculative things i often do, i wouldnt normally post about it but peopel are asking for me to try my best to post all my trades even the silly throwaway ones, so here it is, just so nobody bitches at me if i say i made some green on a game i didnt mention 😀


just a silly one — 5 Comments

  1. I wondered what your thoughts were on PALESTINO VS. COLO COLO.

    Originally looked at it for a LTD but quickly kicked it into touch.

    I did notice though that COLO COLO seem a bit of a bogey team for Palestino with Palestino who are odds on… only winning 5/20 occasions in H2H.. Scoring 17 and conceding 34!

    It made me think of laying Palestino for a set period..

    Counter to that is Palestino have had a good few clean sheets recently and score more than 2 a game on average.

    Just wondered what your trading brain thought….

    Personally I’m doing nothing on it as have obviously found reasons to REJECT!!! But its tempting me

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