I have laid Piacenza in the Livorno game @ 1.19


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    • To be honest I can’t say “normally”. If i had to, I would say normally I remove liability and leave green on teh other side hoping for 2-2. But it depends on how i am feeling, how trading is going, and above all the stats. in this case, I was confident of a goal. I do expect 2-2 or even 3-2 very realistically here looking at the form, so I would probably partially exit and leave most green on Padova/Draw. However, I have major connection issues at the moment which meant panicking using my phone to get out of a horse race as they were starting to run! So I just greened up when I got a tiny window of connectivity to click a button, i hit the green up button in Bet Angel. You can bet it will go 2-2 now, hahaha, but i am not re-entering, never wise to do that. Made the call, got the goal, got out, end of trade unless a new reason comes up (i.e. 1-3)

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