I am away tomorrow and Saturday so probably won’t get an update on til Sunday now. Happy hunting folks, slow and steady 🙂


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  1. Slow and steady:-)

    Brighton and Malaga good starts… backed away from Newcastle as too close in league but in between backed away from a few that would have lost on so all good mate.

    Hertha Berlin…. v werder Bremen… this one lost. Couldn’t believe it on stats but that’s life and exited as soon as Bremen scored. Still can’t believe it.

    Sociedad … was so close to doing it but had scored LESS than 1.8 (form good though ) and away team hadn’t concerned loads … so kicked myself there and wondered if form is good… do you still go in with fewer goals?

    Ended the night with Las Palmas coming good.


    Missed a few ones on shortlist but stuck to method and didn’t budge despite the hertha loss… brain started immediately looking for reasons to trade in games had to go for a walk haha!

    4/5 so far !

    Would be interested in thoughts on when to trade if close in league but form tells different story… Newcastle as example or sociedad when goals less but due to teams played. Didn’t want to start looking for reasons TO trade so walked away !

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