well I know losing trades are part of successful trading, but I really did not expect the Stuttgart game to stay 1-1  for that long. at least it was a cheap entry. to respectable teams with good quality strikers, close to each other in the league, often means a cagey game. But when both teams score in the first 20 minutes or so that’s usually a great time to get in not just because it’s cheaper but because both teams usually go on to score plenty more goals. not this time.

what makes it more annoying is that I typed a post for two more trades, both Italian games, and both would have been winners but when I went to place my trade which I always do just before I click Post, the Betfair market said the game had ended in both cases. so the trades could not be placed but I watched flash scores as it told me both would have been nice green trades. how annoying.

Bolton was certainly a cracker, I would usually have waited for that second goal in this case I greened after the first one!

I am laying the draw at Roma  at half-time

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