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if anybody has  noticed any strange  prices on certain games  or certain leagues  at any time, please could you let me know. as a few of you have mentioned recently, very occasionally there are games which have what look like fixed prices.  For example a lowly Italian game I saw a few times in the past where the draw was evens or odds-on before kick-off.  I am currently looking into this a bit more as I am convinced that  there are some fixed or rigged games going on, not very often though. if anyone does spot anything which looks out of whack with normality please let me know the game in question. I don’t think it happens often enough to create a method from it but there may be more of them than I am seeing and if so, there could be  something worth looking at. There are a lot of pairs of eyes on the various games out there and it would be great if we spotted a pattern. I once made a couple of huge greens from games which were clearly fixed. I haven’t seen one for a while though, but if anyone else has please do tell!


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    • thanks Rene. you sound a little bit too much like the voice of experience, if you’re involved in rigging them we really do need to talk ha ha ha ha!!!!
      it was a while ago now but I actually think you are right there, I think the Italian games I’m referring to were late in the season yes. the draw was odds-on, a goal came and the odds on the draw shot out as usual to around five or six, but immediately got backed in with huge bets to….. yes evens again?????????!!!!!
      then a goal came to equalise and the draw odds were down 1.4. I was only watching the first time I saw this, but when it went 1-2, and the players protested the goal like mad, I had a reasonable but not huge back bet on the draw immediately after the suspension at around 6-1. there was only about 15 minutes left, so 6-1 was still very short. a few minutes from the end there was a penalty awarded by the referee which was the biggest joke I have ever seen. a player literally just fell over in the box, the penalty was scored but only just off the post. it was very clear that something odd was going on. I saw the same thing again involving one of the teams a few weeks later and I piled in a bit heavier after the first goal and greened at 1-1. no more goals were scored. very interesting stuff, but I haven’t seen it for a while.

  1. Surely though there must be someone in the know with massive money in the market to hold the prices at an unnaturally low/high level? I’m asking this as a question rather than making a statement as I’m still learning.

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