Tuesday 13th of December

Alloa –  some slightly odd results in the form cards are just enough to put me off taking this from kick-off. playing it safe I will lay the draw if it is  level at 30 minutes

Aberdeen –  I am slightly nervous of this one, but I think I will probably ltd at 4.5 if no goals. it should in theory be an annihilation but something tells me this could be a windup 0-0  until late,  the stats  don’t suggest that though hence me ignoring my nerves



Tuesday 13th of December — 6 Comments

    • possibly yes although I am wary of the big price ones even to take in play as you end up with a very small window to make your green, so the risks rise quite sharply. not to say i dont do it, just that i am a bit wary of this issue when i do. i usually want to be watching the game for definite.

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