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Sheffield started off all over Coventry then sat back after they scored stupidly. Coventry scored a fairly lucky goal, and whilst I am not hugely confident I think the stats suggest a lay the draw at 2.4 or lower, idealy at 2 but I am gettin in now, no exit, letting it run, greening if it goes 1-2 (or 2-1 for that matter as that will also be green)

It is quite dull at the moment but subs are coming on and I am hoping Sheffield turn it on again now to secure the win. Far from guaranteed this one, but just about worthwhile for me. Not one for those protecting/buliding banks. Expensive one to lose.


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    • great, no more running and hiding from lady luck. She will bite you whenever she chooses, she needs no help from you! Stick to YOUR guns, you can bet she will stick to hers. You just focus on making green, let her take care of the red! night all

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