nice green after sweating a bit

Well Sheffield got the goal and i am off to enjoy some telly now. I had added to my LTD position at 85 minutes just before the pitch invasion. I was sure a goal was coming but was worried BetUNfair would make everyone losers if it was abandoned, I have had that problem before and spent hours on phone to them to get an ounce of fairness out of them, which is hard at the best of times. I feared another late night on the phone but thankfully the ref let them play on and Sheffield did the business as they had looked like doing since 63 minutes when they started taking the game seriously again!

A good end to the day.


nice green after sweating a bit — 2 Comments

  1. wasn’t watching the game tim but thought it must be something like that,market suspended for what seemed like an hour!!!,betfair not been too popular on twitter today,geeks toy warned people not to place any trades.

    • When has Betfair ever been popular?! They are just the only game in town, for now. When the day comes that they are no longer the only viable exchange, I am sure there will be many horror stories published and people will move away from them in droves. Betting exchanges is one industry which is desperately in need of a bit of healthy competition, more than BetDaq can provide too, a lot more.

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