Further to comments on last post I am having a lay of OFI in Greek cup game. Very little logic for it other than:

1.04 means I can risk next to nothing, away team do score goals more than occasionally

Prices have been so odd I fear there may be something odd going on here. If i had to guess the outcome here i would say a strong home win 3-0 or 3-1. But at this price i am happy to risk a few bob in case it goes 2-1.

PS Genoa 1-0. Greened and out. Will consider a re-entry if something suitable happens


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  1. Hi Tim

    I did this on Cambuur Vs Ajax @2-0 for only 1.29 as Ajax are much stronger team and they scored only a few min later, which I sold out then and there.. with 35% of the profit

    Did the same with Genoa Vs Fiorentina from KO and sold out @HT with about 30% of the profit

    Now wondering if I should go for the Coventry Vs Sheffield game or not?

    • Well done, these are in my view the best bread-and-butter trades for new traders to build the bank with safely and quickly. I didn’t spot the Ajax game but I would have been right behind you in the queue there!
      When you ask yourself whether to do the Sheffield game or not, why exactly are you asking? Are you worried about losing what you have already made? Are you worried that Lady luck might not let you have three in a row? Or are you worried because you are not 100% sure that Sheffield offers you a good trade? I can’t answer these questions but you can, and the answers should tell you what to do next. I will leave that cryptic answer for you to unpick!!

  2. Thanks Tim

    I think it’s more worry of Lady Luck.. as I’ve had some big reds after good run of green, but if I take in to count that I often did that when I ether left the computer or didn’t follow the simple rules of bet trading.

    I’m only a bit worried that Sheffield scores most of their goals in the second half and maybe a HT lay?

    • As this game has shown, once you start worrying about lady luck, you start to beat yourself up. Luck is a constant factor, it doesnt vary based on how you are doing. But if you let it dominate or influence your decisions, you will always suffer more over the long run. Take each trade on its OWN merits, forget the history and anything not relating specifically to THAT trade 🙂

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