I bloody knew Genoa couldn’t be trusted! was looking at a lay of them when it went 3-2, now 3-3. Grr!

I have laid U2.5 on Lisbon Braga game – Yet again proof where LTD on those portuguese games is deadly! I avoid them like the plague and this is why, always late scoring, if at all!


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    • I would say you will be fine, bit pricey on these idiots but I will be surprised if they dont nick it. 4-0 last time when away to Braga so surely you’re on a winner there. I prefer low lays so unders is nice price considering still a way to go in this game, especially if they wake up now and realise they could win it by popping that round thing in that square hole

    • Yes like everything in trading there are two sides to that coin, and this goal from away team explains what I forgot to say on last msg. Look at your upside now, its not even as big as downside was, with unders i agree goals can come late but on other side you have MUCH lower liability and it doesnt matter who scores.
      Just say penalty appeal, you should be facing a penalty for lisbon now, which is why i would not waste a second greening up that LTD. dont be tempted to wait for more green, the downside is huge and knowing Portugal, it’s likely! I detest Portugal for trading generally, but I should really start doing what I used to do and constantly think of doing which is backing the hell out of the ridiculously inflated pre-KO draw prices! Or laying the home team which were very short I think.

    • PS I always laugh at how SUDDENLY the ‘stronger’ team look interested in football when they go a goal down. It always seems to happen in these Portuguese games. I used to trade them a lot many years ago but after many losers I watched my first game, and realised why I had been losing! Its like they think football is rugby, run the ball up and down the pitch, and when in range kick it as high as you can over the posts. haha

  1. Yes – they seem to be unaware of the need for strikers in their leagues! At what point does a lay unders not become worthwhile. Clearly in this case with 20 minutes still to go, unders was definitely the better option but at what point would laying unders become a fruitless exercise?

    • It varies really, I have had some very late winners but I had ladders software so I can grab whatever money I see on ladder and get out quick, couldnt do that with browser. LTD is definitely better for very late stuff. but lay unders is more like a throwawyay bet for me, removing liability on goal one and leaving rest as free bet, but if earlier sometimes i hang on, and somtimes i fully green, all depends how much movement there is

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