Just as I was running out to collect cold BBQ ribs, I got a few emails saying the updates and ezine list emails were delayed. Looks like around 30 minutes. I have no idea why, its never happened before so it could be the ezine list manager or it could be my site’s hosting. i am upgrading  to faster hosting in the next few weeks so hopefully it wont happen again.

But while on the subject – it goes to prove my point I do bang on about, this is  not a tipping service, if anything its educational hopefully, but at the least its just a diary for people to read. I diarise what I do as i know people like to know what I am doing, and as soon as possible after I do it, but this doesn’t turn it into a tipping service. I may have more trading experience, but it takes no brains at all to do what I did here, I just have Flashscores open and monitor all the pings on “Live Games” tab, then hit Soccerway to see how games are panning out. I noticed this one was level and worth a look, so i checked stats and felt it worth a LTD. Anyone can do this! Trading based on someone’s else info, decisions, gut instincts or anything else is not trading, its copying. To be a trader we all must make our own decisions, right or wrong, for better or worse. Thats the only way you can truly blame yourself or reward yourself depending on how it goes, and then you grow as a trader. Give a man a fish…….. say no more.

So once again, apologies for whatever caused the e-pipe to get blocked, but if you are someone who “relies” on these posts to make your profits, you need to change that approach asap!

Cheers all

Oh and PS – I have laid Under2.5 goals in PSV2 game as a small bet to leave and find out tomorrow what happened!, yet another NON-tip 😉 !!!!!


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    • Well I can assure you I ain’t fluffy in the slightest! Not even at this time of year. Season of good will where everyone is overly nice to everyone. I just had Sainsbury’s shopping delivered, the miserable swine is the most obnoxious and depressing git you could ever meet but today he was forced to wear santa crap and force out a “have a nice xmas”, clearly part of his job requirement and not the least bit sincere!! What is it with this season of good will, I am nice to people ALL YEAR ROUND!!! I dont need a season for it, if anything it makes me more short with people, just cos the hypocrisy of it gets my back up. hahahaha, did someone mention humbug? Well i threw some bloody snow on the site, what more do you want? 😀

  1. Tim-don’t worry about it
    Haven’t seen any big name traders blog what they’re doing (only what they supposedly make a year).Really refreshing to see your trades and the thinking behind them.
    Ps Cold BBQ Ribs -Dear me
    PPS Ill give you an address to send the cheque (only joking folks)

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