How on earth that ended 1-1 I will never know. One of those days. when Augsburg scored the first goal I was watching and it was clearly a lucky break.  Dormund went out to 3.0 and I was inches away from entering a back bet when they equalised, so i missed that. Then at 1-1 after seeing draw come down quickly but shot after shot being scrabbled away by Augsburg, I got in. Left it to run this one as could not see it ending 1-1. Incredible.

Atalanta seem pricey to LTD at 3.2 after HT considering they were nothing like Dortmund in their first half performance. but stats show their goals usually come in second half so I am laying unders.

Also the Belgian game has seen plenty of action but no goals, laying unders again there despite their strikers being low quality, they defences are equally low and i still have this down as a game with goals so sticking with my first decision there. A day of missed ops really, villareal annoyed me, I did what I don’t usually do, I began typing a post before entering my order, and that was enough to miss out! ho hum, such is trading life.


Dirtmund — 7 Comments

    • Yes. I was laying the draw for peanuts at 3-3 and got caught out by seconds again! one of those days, good for exercising the self-control muscle!
      Glad I left my lay under2.5 on Atalanta til the end without greening though! They only just made it!

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