Well I said I wouldn’t do anything early in Mouscron game but that ended up being a bit of a porkie. I noticed I could lay Under0.5 goals at 1.08 just before KO. I decided thats 8 ticks loss if a goal goes in, and wondered how long it would take to get 8 ticks profit to exit @ 1.16+. I guessed around 15 minutes, it nearly touched it but the game picked up a bit and held the odds down, but I got my 1.16 in the end so a small green there, experimental RvR trade really.

I was just typing that i was going to back Dortmund for their return to the pitch but as I was typing it I heard the ping, doh! Some days just go like that. no matter. Not LTD yet, but will do once the punters panic and back  the draw to more like 2.7 if no goals for a while, unlikely going by the pace of the game. Augsburg keep getting lucky breaks though and aren’t playing bad, I think Dortmunds; price is cheap but I certainly ain’t laying em! Dortmund really need to win this game, so I hope to have better timing to pick my entry

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