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I forgot about those two and oddly, they were on my shortlist too but i must have closed a few tabs at once!

Bayern – This could be 4-4 or 0-0. Two quality teams, USUALLY means low scoring in my experience so for me its definitely one to watch and if its looking more like a 4-4 then I may do something but my feeling right now is this is one to wait and hope for 0-0 at HT and LTD for 15 mins only, OR wait for 0-0 at 75 mins and lay unders, dripping in 3 bets (1.25 max, 1.13 and 1.07) small liability only

Inter – this looks a goalsy game. definitely another one to watch first 10 and see if its cagey affair but I suspect not and could be early goals. If its lively, remembering most games not having a goal in first 15 I will either LTD or Lay U2.5 at 15 minutes in. if its dull or slow, I will wait for HT. One of those where need to see a good chunk of play to know what to do, but if I was a gambling man a full bet on over2.5 looks worthwhile here, not that I would do that of course.


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    • Interesting yes I feel the same and fancy Leipzig, but agreed we are not gamblers! A trading op may come up though. I have just got home and noticed Benfica scored on 14 minutes, swines! The goalie must have been late arriving at the game as I am sure first half hour goals are not usually the done thing. Small lay on Benfica here as 1.12 seemed just too cheap to resist opposing for small risk. Benfica do look dominant, so it may well go 2-0, but I think Rio will score today so am happy to oppose Benfica for small change, mainly in second half

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