Well according to commentators Leipzig are done for after the red card. I am still not sure I would completely write them off but on paper with ten men of course that’s probably the case. Due to waiting until 1-0 to lay Bayern I can still profit from a goal from Leipzig, or at least I could have done until that player made that awful and panicked tackle on the Bayern player to get sent off! Not over yet but assuming that trade is dead. Leipzig could easily have come back from 2-0 down, Bayern always start strong, wish someone had told that Leipzig player that before he dived in on that tackle!

Hoffenheim – 25 minutes i decided a LTD was definite, and timing was good there, although I would rather they had waited just a couple of minutes to make my original plan of 30 min LTD a perfect hit. haha.

Brugge were overpriced as I thought, only 11 minutes to concede to the hugely priced home Eupen. LTD looks worth a look

Koln v Leverkusen – Close call this whether to leave it based on goal stats, but I think Leverkusen really want a win here so I don’t think they will sit back on a point, and I think there are more goals yet to come even though stats suggest a goal each would normally about right.


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  1. Good shouts .

    I laid Hertha at over 1.5 goals based on the recent form and when both teams like to score at 1.44 and came out 1.90 after 30 mins. Not sure if I should have stayed in to half time now !

    Going for a LTD on KOLN and Hertha games at Half time and on the Inter game if still draw there.

    Done a lay under 2.5 on the standard lockern game as was convinced there would be early goals ! Oh well can’t win them all!

    • Well done. Remember few goals are scored (globally on average) in first 10 minutes of games, so I rarely enter then unless it’s a pre KO LTD, and i often a wait a bit on those if i have time and a live stream to assess the game a bit

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