Well Roma were 0-1 down and still favourites on the odds. That would normally mean i am not interested but after a look at stats, as i said to my friend, ‘if Roma lose this goal I will eat my shoes’. So i backed them just before that free kick and goal. Gutted really, I was going to drip in some big money over the next 20 minutes of play but didn’t get that far, still get a half decent bet on at over 2.5 which will have to do. Sorry I didn’t have time to post. I was doing so when the goal went in and had to delete what I was typing.

I nearly LTD on Gent, but saw the red card and decided to leave that, although I expected Anderlecht to win this game strongly and its still 1-1 but only 50 minutes. Probably a good LTD but not enough value as the red card pushed the odds up and may well make Gent park the bus infront of goal for the one point draw.

I actually laid the draw on Braga on my phone. Put it back in my pocket, spilled my drink as I realised I had just entered a trade on the Portugese league. hahaha, after getting up off the floor, I quickly exited for a small red. A quick check now, and its 1-1 still and odds are 1.65. I dont care if they win 17-1, I am happy to let those swines play without my involvement! Its 76 mins now, so about time for them to start playing football but even so I am not interested. (talk to the hand cos the ears ain’t listening)


P.S. Braga scored while typing, haha, its almost as regular as clockwork, but I am not in the slightest bit disappointed and I suspect a few of you are on that one so well done to those of you, even though it was my post which made them score. 😀

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