Some small dabbles

I did a few bits this evening but didn’t post about them as I genuinely wouldn’t have wanted anyone following me as they weren’t exactly stats based, more experimental really and very small stakes compared to usual.

A few bets on Italian lega pro games which came out nice but I gambled my green and lost so broke even there.

Dundee v Hearts – it went 0-2 which was my entry. laid Hearts. 1-2 I took just my liability out and greened at 2-2, Then decided no way would it end 2-2 the way the game was going so i risked half my green on a LTD at 2-2 and ended 3-2 so a nice end to that. The stats didn’t suggest it really, just the gameplay which isn’t strictly speaking proper trading in my book so I didn’t want to post and have people following my ideas when I wasnt doing my normal thing. A decent day anyway, and no doubt a few of you did something similar, small stakes I hope!

Might have some interest in some of the Scottish and Italian games tomorrow so will try and post my thoughts early if I can. Back to the beer and film….

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