Laying the draw at HT or at 3.2 if it hits that price before HT


Sivasspor — 7 Comments

  1. Might be worth taking down and moulding it ! Or someone will nick it and next thing you know selling it !!!!! Could be part of your in play book which I will be the first owner.

    Struggle on in play… LTD I seem to be doing fine had 24 dabbles and 22 have went the right way thanks to you.

    • Well if you think so, I might just take that as the nudge I needed. Firstly I dont want someone else selling it obviously, but probably more importantly, I don’t want people going off half cocked and burning, then saying they “heard it here” 😀

      I should have around 5 in play methods presented well enough to publish hopefully, early in 2017

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