Perhaps slightly naughty win

Well I said 60 mins but bang on the turn of 60 mins there was a fairly long injury break. It was end to end with blocked shots from both teams so definitely looked like goals. My plan was to see if the game picked up after HT team talk, as it was dead first half but home team are far superior team. As I had said 60 mins on here, I felt obliged to stick to that but I didnt, gave it 5 more minutes which is, in pure terms anyway, a break of a rule. But given the odds didn’t come down half as quick as I expected, I was in for a nice home goal. I had also just laid unders as I was going to leave that in and book my LTD exit at around 2.1. Anyway all history and doubt many people are reading this anyway so hopefully nobody with tut at me as you will all be busy celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour. Enjoy yourselves!


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