Final update

Well, Man City saved the day in a pretty big way. i couldn’t believe the odds got down as far as they did, 1.1 or near if i remember. I was laying it quite heavily, at least one goal had to come, although I wasn’t impressed with the play again and I actually think there was a lot of luck in this game. It was slow and dull play, in fact Hull impressed me so much more I had a small bet on them to green if they scored as I really thought they would in the first half. Just not quite got the finishers needed. Man City got a penalty which was lucky as they were struggling to put any seriously threatening attacks together (compared to their usual style anyway), but a Hull player made a stupid tackle and forced an easy penalty. That broke the ice and opened the play a bit more, City loosened up and attacked a bit more freely, and as expected the second goal came. I hadn’t greened any of my unders lays. I semi greened, basically removed my liability with a bit of green on unders, but a much bigger one on Overs. Then I watched with disgust as Man City did that so unsporting thing of just passing the ball around etc, not trying to play football just trying to play the clock down. Yeah yeah i know, that’s football, but I have seen many teams NOT do it, so its clearly not a rule to do it and not everyone does do it. But they did it so obviously I pretty much resigned to losing the green I could have had (significant) by greening my unders lays after the second goal. Thank God Sterling went and had a totally half-assed effort at the end, and a clumsy tired Hull defender turned it in. That was extremely fortunate, but after today I felt it was semi-due! So my day didn’t end red after all, which I didn’t think I would be able to say earlier.

Evenin all

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