Laying Under 2.5 on Hull

Dropping a few down the ladder as price comes down if it reaches (1.27, 1.17, 1.07)


Laying Under 2.5 on Hull — 2 Comments

  1. I took a loss on the lay under 2.5. All the stats for me said over 2.5 and they were right. I had a lay on city from the start, 0-0 at half time. So close to getting it. Made up for it with a nice ltd at 2.44 on the Newcastle game.

    • You did well there. For me, even though the final scoreline was 0-3 on Hull game, it was extremely lucky to have any goals at all. Someone who knows their football would have been laying City, like you! That game was starting to look like a 0-0 shocker until that penalty! Newcastle I forgot to check, I would have joined you at 2.44 if I had seen that, nicely done!

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