Well, that was far from a great day! A few more ops may come up yet, but it’s most likely to end up red today no matter what ops come up this evening. I can’t remember the last time I had such a run of losing trades in a week let alone a day. More to the point, I felt VERY strongly about a few of them, all based on stats of course.

Part of me thinks it was just an unlucky day and these come and go, but the fact that some of the results (many) were so surprising and contrary to the stats, has me wondering if Boxing Day has anything to do with it! It’s possible, but no way to know. All I can do is try and remember next year, perhaps I will not trade Boxing Day again! I never have before I must admit, and most games I watched looked pretty dull and much slower than the team stats would suggest. One to avoid next year just in case it was the mysterious Turkey Effect!

Onwards and upwards….



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  1. Hi Tim
    I recently purchased your e book, and had 3 LTD trades so far all winners.
    I cashed out after the first goal for a nice green, but I was sorely tempted to stay in for another goal for a bigger profit but best to stick to the plan whilst I learn more.
    Interestingly all 3 games had a second goal scored by the home favourite before half time ha ha
    Still, £34 profit has paid for the Ebook, so onward and upwards.

    • Thanks for that Gary, and you sound like you absorbed the info and got off to a good start so well done! yes definitely wise to stick to one goal exits to begin with, if for no other reason than to resist temptation and teach good habits, it pays off in the long run! Many games stay 1-0 for a long while, in time you will probably learn which games (by stats and watching) can be worth risking and leaving for a bigger green, just til HT. But for now I definitely recommend sticking with your current approach. All the best for 2017

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