Wed 28 December

Not much of a coupon today but a few observations..

St Johnstone v Rangers – Rangers have been overbacked in my view, stats suggest a different story to the odds. I don’t think I would oppose Rangers at 0-0 but at 0-1 to them I might and at 0-2 I am pretty sure I will.

Celtic – incredibly short. Yes they are strong, but not as strong as these odds suggest. Not sure there is much green in it but I intend to play with this game a bit if I can watch a good stream of it. I might back draw for 15 from start, longer possibly depending on play but probably not. Then I will decide in play what to do, if anything else.

Spezia  not sure but possibly LTD at HT. More likely I will leave it alone and hope for 0-0 at 60 mins when I would lay draw or U0.5 depending on prices on offer. If game is not inspiring (as I expect) I will probably leave it alone

Southampton – Possible LTD at HT if 0-0 or 1-1. Again I will probably want to see some of the game first as this could be another boring one.



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