I love Portugal

For holidays that is! haha, I must stop even looking at their games! OK I hardly bet anything on the braga game so it hasn’t cost me with Villa game winning, but despite over 50 dangerous attacks I am yet again amazed that Braga couldn’t stick one in that big white square thing!

I greened Villa game and am on the unders market, semi greened but will be interesting to see if someone sneaks one at last minute here, 88 mins gone currently, but something tells me there is another one here, obviously too late to put money on that statement, but i have a bit riding on it already


I love Portugal — 4 Comments

  1. Nice one with Villa! Thought about both laying Over and LTD from the KO but never got around to do it. Was a bit insecure on that game so a lost opportunity there. Did manage to Lay Over on the Rotherham-Burton game, however, and greened out at 25 min’s or so while it was still 0-0. Portuguese football is impossible! Whenever I try there always seem to be a surprise result (unless I bet on that of course, in which case the favourite wins and I lose again :-)). As you say, Portugal is a great country for summer holidays, but for betting/trading… not so much. 🙂

    • Well said there, and I couldn’t agree more! For a few years I have avoided any trades on Portugal games. Not sure why I have fallen back into it, I suppose I just wanted to check I wasn’t missing out, in case their games were tradeable again. For me, they are not. A bit like a stock trader might avoid certain volatile stocks he does badly on, I see Portugal games like that. Back to avoiding them I think! Well done on Rotherham, good call that

  2. It’s amazing. Just checked the table for the Primeria Liga. I have made one “pure” bet on portuguese football this year, as I had an AH (0) on Benfica away against Maritimo. Turns out it’s the only game they’ve lost so far in 15 matches. Says it all really 🙂

    • It does! It’s funny, I have had winning trades on Portugal, of course I have, but everyone I know who trades football HATES Portugese games! There must be something in it, but even if there isn’t, I can still avoid them!!

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