2-0 Verona

To think I was about a millisecond from matching a strong lay of U2.5, its quite frustrating really! I have laid them again, but these are only small as I have no reason at all to think the away team should come back, other than it being a rigged game – forgeddaboutit…….! The stats all say a Verona win, but why so much money against it? The unders was the bet to cover both scenarios as stats were good with that, but a rigged game is also, as I have never seen a rigged game without goals, they need the goals to let their second cousins get in without spoofing the market too much before KO. hahaha. I am going to wind up with a horse’s head in my bed soon 😀

Hull – definitely one of those days! I wasn’t interested in this game but a good friend of mine is doing another round of free bets (a la Profit Maximiser). He rang me because he was stuck in traffic in his car and his Betfair lay order (to lay off his bookie’s free back bet on Hull) wasn’t matched before kick off and he was panicking about Evertone going ahead. I told him not to worry as Hull would probably score first. I was just thinking about putting my money where my mouth is and …. doh!! I am not laying them as I told him this morning an upset could happen even though stats say otherwise, but at 2-0 up they might be worth a lay as Everton will definitely have something to say about that if it happens

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